I just put my pontiac grand prix on eBay for $370


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Oct 28, 2021
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Here is the listing: 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP | eBay

For Sale 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
I would say you need a trailer to take it from here to a place to make repairs if you wanted to daily drive it.
It has a supercharger 3.8L that still revs strong.
When it is running good this car is very fast.
It has paddle shifters in this particular model.The trunk is very large. The seats fold down.
The front passenger seat folds down to make a nice little tray area.
This Pontiac is painted white with tan leather seats.
It has very crispy front headlights.
I have put a lot of work in this car lately, The last thing I did was shocks, tie rods, and an alignment within 1000 miles.
It also has four tires that have plenty of tread and hold air. Unfortunately, there are different style rims - but same size tires all around.
The straight muffler pipe was recently replaced. It still has a catalytic converter.
The check engine light is on.
The problem is the door locks do not work. The windows do not work.
The driver side door only opens from the inside. The wire that connects the door is corroded.
The radio works well, but the CD player does not load CDs.
The plastic splashguard is not attached, 2 mudflaps are not attached and come in the trunk.
The moonroof button does not work.
It also started smoking a lot from the engine when I started it after it had been sitting for a few months. This was last week.
Also, it was very hard to steer as if the power steering fluid was low.
The transmission lines look very rusted.
The frame is very rusted also.
The transmission was replaced at 150,000 miles.
The battery is dead. This car comes with free jumper cables. It comes with a free extra set of headlights I found. This car comes with a free oil filter.
This car comes with an extra mirror part for a rear view mirror.

There are no cracks in any of the windows.


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Dec 8, 2008
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Why not donate to a charity and take a tax deduction for alot more than $370.