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Eugene Or.
Hi, Rex here this will be my 3rd Fiero. my 1st was a red 85 2.5 back in the early 90's but fail on hard times so...
Funnest car I ever owed but that is not hard to do compared to the boats and pickups trucks in my life.
The 2nd one I picked up a 8 mo. ago. It was fixeruppuer 86 2.8. I owned it for about a month before I saw my 88 on C/L and it was only 15 miles from were I live, the price was right and every thing worked on her so I snatch her up and sold 86.
Their are one or two small problems of course (you can't get a mint Fiero for $1,700) one is the heater fan dose not work, I checked the fuse good and the motor is good the switch and connections are next. Any suggestions on what it might be would sure be appreciated.
Also the idle surges form 1.5 to 2 k. she probably wanting a complete tuneup, don't blame her she got a 110,000 miles.
This was the last piece of my wish list, The others being 01 Suzuki 1200 Bandit and my 86 Toyota p/u.
Life is good :D

That"s it for now