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Introduction: My 1968 Pontiac LeMans Restoration


New member
This is the car today, got an upcoming car show August 17th so countdown is on for the new carpet and floor mats, plus all the chrome trim back on and polished.

But this car is a 8 year long project, from a lot in Clear lake with a pack rat living under the hood.

Through a new radiator, engine, transmissio, custom exhaust.


Currently focused on interior and continual restoration.

Recently installed a temp gauge, trying to keep it below 200.

Hope you enjoyed the post, please comment and recommend post related to carpet, chrome, drivers window repair, and anything else is badass out there!!! ✌🏼🤘🏼🤙🏼


Staff member
I was first puzzled by the title of the thread, it said you were restoring a 1986 LeMans. Looked at the pictures and realized you meant 1968.
Have you looked at the GTO catalog from www.amesperf.com for the parts you need.
Your temperature is on the high side. Are you using a 180 or 160 thermostat?
Did you determine if it is the original engine?
What do you have the initial timing set for with the vacuum advance disconnected?
Is the vacuum advance working?
Is the vacuum advance connected directly to a port on the intake manifold?


New member
It’s a 160 thermostat, I was driving on the freeway on a hot day.
I replaced the original engine I know the original owner. I still have it if I decide to rebuild it to try to make it all numbers matching.
Idk about the vacuum advance. I’ll have to look for that.