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Is it hard to find parts for a 1978 Grand Prix?

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You can usually get about 200k miles out of a 301, they are excellent motors for daily driving, not for performance.

As for universal A/C , Vintage Air has kits to install in any car, while any 78- 88 GM "GBody" uses the same parts.

A good couple of sources for used parts can be found on www.car-part.com or upullit yards at www.row52.com.

New parts can be found at any autoparts chains or www.rockauto.com.

Even though they stopped making GBodys in 88, there are plenty of info on GBody cars in forums online.

Just about any engine can be swapped into a GBody from Cummings or Duramax diesels to Cadillac 500's.

They only difference in the Grand Prix is the body panels and dash basically only fit the Grand Prix, but everything else can interchange with other GBodys.

Doug in P.R. šŸ˜Ž
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