Is it possible to put three infant/toddler seats in a...



...Pontiac Vibe? We have a 2yr old with twins on the way and love our Vibe but don't think we can possibly keep it. I'm resisting the MiniVan and would very much like to avoid the hasssle of buying a new car. Suggestions greatly appreciated.


Majestic One

No, look into the Chevy Uplander, it's a stylish mini-van that looks more like an SUV. I'm sure the hassle of buying a new car will be worth your childrens' safety.


No, that's impossible. You should have tought about it prior to those seconds of pleasure which caused your baby to be born.


I don't know, I just looked at a photo of the interior on a vibe and it looks like you might be able to swing it, depending on what you have for car seats for the kiddo's. My mom has a mazda tribute which looks about the same size and it fits 3 carseats in the back. It might be a tight squeeze, try it out with three carseats before you trade it in.