Is my Bonneville 389 worth anything?


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Hi all. I have 67 GTO project that came with a salvage yard 389 out of a '64 Bonneville (per the previous owner). It needs a complete rebuild but isn't frozen. Everything is there including the headers, distributor, and Carter AFB 4bbl. The engine code is 28P, casting #9773155, date code D274, and the intake manifold # is 18438572. I don't need this motor because I'm planning to go with a crate motor. Does it have any value? Thanks for any help.


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Belleville MI
It definatly has some Value, any 389 or 400 Pontiac blocks are starting to become hard to come by. It biggest Minus is it is a pre 1965 block, and is limited in after market parts by the different bolt patterns used on those. But I would definatly try to sell it, you may be surprised. But you should be able to get at least $500 for it as it sits. Probably more.

where are you located? That actually makes a big difference in value as shipping costs are prohibative.