Is there any difference between 07 and 08...



...Pontiac Vibe? I was planning to get the 08 but the nearest dealer to me don't have one. if there's no difference it's ok because I may be illegible for 60 months 0% financing for the 07.

The only common issues i found in the reviews is the engine noise and accelaration. Accelaration is ok since I'm not into racing anyway. How can i get rid of the engine noise? will the wind deflectors reduce at least the wind noise?


a year lol
sorry i had to, i don't know the car Your talking about, but to be honest their usually ain't much difference between the years, a few tweaks here and their maybe but that about it

Phillip D

In all seriousness. Different years they may have released different colors. While using some of the same original colors. Um.... anywhere on the car that has the date listed well that will be different. oh and the 06 will have a year of life already on it.

Matthew J

I might consider buying a different car. Vibes are now very good cars all around. Yuck!