Lost remote key fob ebay or dealer?



I have an '05 Vibe and unfortunately lost my key fob and I'm not sure if I should buy a fob on ebay with programming instructions or if a trip to the dealer is necessary (i read sometimes a scanner is required for programming?). I'm not all that tech savvy so any help would be appreciated. TY


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Never had to do this myself, but always heard that the dealer has to get involved.

If the EBay offering says they can do it with their instructions, suggest to check the seller's feedback rating, then if OK, give it a whirl. If nothing else, hopefully the dealer would be agreeable to programming it for you for a 'small' fee.


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I would suggest buying from the dealer That way you have the warrenty on the Fob and they will need to program it with the scanner also, some of the Ebay offerings wont be the correct part # for the vehicle you have (they must match to work)..and still need to be programed..