Might Be Buying a 2006 GXP

It looks pretty good in the pictures, but it's in GA and I'm in FL and I don't want to drive that distance for no reason. I'm aware of some of the global common concerns, like the transmission--I used to have a 2007 Monte Carlo SS. (I know this is a much better car, I've driven one.) Are there any issues specific to the 2006 that aren't obvious at the first look and listen? It has 114K miles.

Thanks in advance.


Staff member
Have not come across any information that the 2006 has any unique issues. At the same time I would somehow find a local shop to the GA location to check the car over before buying it. Hopefully the current owner has a complete maintenance history for you to see.
Ended up getting an 07 with 189K miles, but only 60 of those on the tranny, which was replaced by the first owner. That and the Magnaflow that came on it were the deciding factors; I'm not nuts about the color, but I'll either get used to it or paint it black. Lots of fun so far....