New 2006 Pontiac Vibe with 18 tho. miles on it. Clutch broke, should



warranty cover? We have a new 2006 Vibe. Less than a year. We have a 3 year Basic warranty. It is not our primary car and we are gentle drivers. Our clutch broke, and the dealer said that it doesn't usually happen to cars less than 40 thousand miles in, and that's for rough drivers. Aside from the $400 we got charged for them to take out the engine and look, and aside from the fact that they tried to say the car was 36,000 miles old, they want to charge $1200 to replace. He said the warranty might not cover it because it falls under normal wear and tear. I say that this wear and tear is no way normal, as he stated earlier. Has anyone else had this clutch problem? Is there a way to contest this if they decide the warranty does not cover this? New card should not break!!!!! Any aqdvice is appreciated.Thanks

dodge man

you can call your dealer in the morning and ask them,it should be covered though,its is part of the drive train,and all that is covered,id say you,ll be alright on this one though,especially with no more miles than you have on it,but ask them for sure,good luck,


I was a GM mechanic for 10 years, the dealership is trying to shove it up your @rse.... unfortunately, I've seen it many times... Make alot of noise, call GM, refer to the owners manual, if you need to take them to court. You should pay NOTHING, but, they're going to try to settle with you paying half or something... don't go for it. The reason you have warranty is for these types of problems.