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Welcome, that is one massive beast you have there, and seems to be in great shape.

Can you see if the rear end has a tag on it still? if so post a picture of it or just type what you can make out.

With the age of the car who knows if the rear is original to the car.

I would identify what you have, then if needed find out what the car came with originally.

I am not sure what parts you are needing, but these sites should give a few parts to gawk at.


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welcome to the forum. As EaOutLaw stated cannt tell you what is in it now but even if untouched need more information. The differential chart in the 1971 Chassis Service Manual shows ratio's based on engine size and carburetion and in some cases whether or not equipped with AC. The code you have to look for is described at this site . You also can get an original invoice from If a safe-t-track differential, positraction, you can jack up the rear of the car, support it with jack stands, place a mark on the driveshaft, place in neutral with parking brake released, and turn one of the rear wheels one complete turn while counting how many times the driveshaft turns. A guess the ratio would not be higher than 3.08
Thank you for the reply's and the links you guy's, I shall put them to good use! I bring the car home Sunday and will be able to verify originality of the various components and drive parts. I wasn't intending on buying this car until the young man selling the car let me take some pics and then later, take more pics of the interior. Well, one look at that interior, (which is PRISTINE!) and that was it, I was hooked! I told him I'll pay him on May 1st when my pension check hits because he was only asking $800! The car appears to have been garage kept because it's virtually rust free...;)
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