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New owner of 01 Aztek


New member
I just bought a a 01 Aztek, it just has a few quirks I'm trying to work out. The high beam indicator stays on all the time when my headlights come on, they change from low beam to high beam with no problem, but the indicator will not go off when on low beams. Second, neither of my front captains chairs will go forward or backward, all other directions work fine. Third, trying to replace the housing the fuses under the hood sit in, but can not find it anywhere. Is it called something else besides a fuse block housing? There will probably be more as I go, it does have 300K miles on it, but so far my wife and I are really happy with the purchase. I have always wanted one from the time they first came out, finally I own one. Any thoughts or suggestions with these issues will be greatly appreciated


Staff member
Looking at the wiring diagram below the high beam signal can be triggered by both the high beam relay and the daytime running light relay.
Has anything been done to the daytime running lights?

I assume you have power seats? Check for an obstruction under the seat Check for power at the switch and motors.
Below is a link to the fuse box.


New member
Sounds to me like your turn signal stalk maybe faulty. The only real way to test it is to pull it out, and try another. But I hate throwing parts at a car, so this is just a suggestion.