New to site - could use some input


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Good morning,
I just arrived here and this is my first post. I am the proud owner of a OEM 1966 Le Mans Convertible I purchased from the original owner a 95 year old woman who only drove the car to the store. So I am starting to work on her and am having a difficult time picking a direction to go in OEM - Upgrade modification. Right now I am awaiting the parts to do a disk brake conversion on all 4 wheels after the pedal hit the floor last weekend moving the car out of the garage. The kit I purchase from Auto City Classics is an OEM style bolt on kit for the front and uses Cadillac El Dorado calipers for the back. This kit will require me to replace the spindles with ones in the kit so my thinking is since I have to break down the front end maybe I should consider upgrading the A Frames? So my first decision should I stay with the OEM or upgrade to the newer tubular style? My purpose with this car is to be able to drive her and enjoy her in a safe way. This is why given the need to fix the brakes I went with the upgrade. I have no intentions of maker her a GTO clone but doing some other modest upgrades on the exhaust for the 326 it has and carburetor are not out of the question. So I am basically asking you folks here for suggestions... Thank you in advance for your time.


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Since you make no mention of autocross or track racing, clean up the OEM arms and stick with them. Good luck with the car.