Odd question regarding the Monsoon system...


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My 05 GT has (or had) the Monsoon system... it has no head unit in it at the moment and someone cut the harness. I would need a harness from another Grand Am with the Monsoon system or would I be able to steal one from any Grand Am or any GM vehicle from the 2000's? Mine is a GT1 with the steering wheel controls as well. Apparently these systems are complicated and you can't just wire an aftermarket head unit in.
Well, you mentioned your harness was cut, do you still have it? If so, lay it out as it goes along your engine, so you can identify what kind of wiring harness you'll need, then maybe look online and see if you can get one from a place like either rockauto, summitracing, or carid? That would be my best guess. Hope it helps!
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