Planning to purchasing a Pontiac Vibe today, what...


SHERINA you think? After work I am going to my local dealership. I plan to buy a Pontiac Vibe. The test drive went very well, but that's only 15 minutes of driving a vehicle that I plan to have for a long time. What are your reviews on the Vibe? Likes? Dislikes? Personal experiences? Thank you :)
I'm appreciating everyone's input so far. But jareihart.... dude. Chill.


They seem to be fairly reliable (after all, they're really Toyotas), and seem to be selling fairly high at the auctions.
I drove some, and although too small for my taste (and body lol) they seem to be a good riding car for the size.
Buy it.


If you like the look, go for it. a friend of mine has one. He loves it. I can not stand the site of it. I'm also 6'6 and have a difficult time fitting in the front seat. I almost have to have the seat back reclined at a 15 degree angle to keep my head from becoming part of the top. thats with the seat all the way back. It has something left to be desired for front leg room for people over 5'10. personal comments. if you like the look and feel of it buy it. After all it's your car, not mine.


Well everyone thinks that the Toyota is a nice car... right? Then the vibe is. The vibe and the Toyota matrix are sister cars. They are made out of the same plant with the same parts. You will love it!!!


Lets say the vibe cost $15000.00. Heres what you do. Take the total amount that you are paying to a casino. You have a better chance of doubling your money on one bet than getting a vibe worth a crap..


and what is your favorite food...and who do you like... GIMME A BREAK!!!


After driving a new and one year old Vibe, I would honestly say, look at something else. The Vibe, new, looks nice and drives decent, but after only one year it will disappoint you. The resale value drops more than comperable vehicles, and the fit and finish of the Vibe is lacking for what is being charged. Take more time, look further at other makes and models, and if you still think the Vibe is for you, then by all means, go buy one. Someone has to.