Pontiac VIBE? My cd won't come out got



any ideas? There was a burned cd put into my cd player and played fine, actually it was played several times and inserted and ejected fine until one day it made a funny spinning noise and wouldn't eject then now the cd player will not work. Just the boring radio!


The eject mechanism in some CD players is belt driven. The belt may have either come off or broke. Take it in for service.

DO NOT use tweezers as this can further damage the CD player, and it's not very nice to your CD either.


the old butter knife just stick it i and hope for the best!
it worked for us


If there was a label on the CD then it's quite possible it has partly peeled off. The fix is patience and a pair of long tweesers to get the label out. Otherwise it sounds like a mechanical problem requiring removal and most likely replacing the defective cd-rom drive.

If you want CD-Rs with a label that won't peel check HP's LightScribe drives. They burn the info on the front with the drive. Very nice but the disks are like four times the price for a regular CD-R.

With that said instead of replacing the radio (if needed) for about the same price you could get an iPod and an in-line antennae tap (much better than the typical FM transmitters). You could also replace the radio/cd player with an aftermarket model for not much money.

Piglet O

would advise against trying to pull it out. Often there is a mechanism that keeps you from putting a second CD in by accident. Well that will also interefere with pulling out a disc.
If you or someone you know have mechanincal appitude, pull the stereo out of the dash, take off the cover and look at the mechanism. Often there is a set of gears, or rarely a belt, that can be worked by hand to move the disc out. Or you may even see an obvious label or something that can be removed through the top.