Pontiac Vibe

Sal Collaziano

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I'll be totally honest. I don't know a heck of a lot about the Pontiac Vibe.. But I bet you do.. So tell us a little bit about it. Do you own one? Have owned one in the past? Tell us about your experience.. And please post pictures if you have them...

Rhino Guy

GM + Toyota

Would you mind naming a few?
The Vibe is a "Pontiota", a Toyota Matrix with Americanized interiors. They are softer and fatter!
The eighties era Chevy Nova is a warmed over Corolla. The pundits at the time thought the Chevy was the nicer version! But America didn't like it.
NUMMI= New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. http://www.nummi.com/
GM small diesel engines are built by Isuzu. The entire GEO brand (good riddance!) was built by Isuzu and Suzuki. In the early seventies Buick sold Opels. Opels were German built by GM subsidiary Opel. Except when the German Deutschmark went too high, GM got Isuzu to build Opels!
Hey, I want a GEO Metro poptop with the three banger. I'll put it in the trunk of the Bonneville.
BTW, the old Cavalier/Sunbird 2.0 used a water pump built by Nissan. Go figure!