Pontiac Vibe...



...owners..? I'm thinking about buying an '03 or '04 model Vibe.

What has your experience been(positve/negative, why, etc.)?
Would you recommend the car for a young woman needing great mileage, reliability, a relatively low level of maintenance, etc?
Are the Matrix and Vibe the same size? The Matrix looks longer.

I think the Vibe looks tons better than the Matrix, but I'm fairly certain they were meant for two different demographics.
Underpowered is an issue for me. I've read the Vibe has apprx 140 HP. The car I currently drive, while an unabashed gas-guzzler(unfortunate for me), has 250 HP and I love it's quickness because I tend to be more agressive than defensive on the road.


It occured to me once that I've never had a Vibe on my flatbed. That was a while ago, and it's still true. Well, you'd have to discount the one we towed in because the owner wrecked it!

Gas mileage is OK, the car is underpowered for me. But look at my 400 horsepower GTO in my avatar and you'll agree we aren't looking for the same things!

But reliability comes with maintenance. They aren't mutually exclusive.

All in all, the Vibe is a good car, and sounds like what you're looking for.