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Possible head gasket leak that traps combustion gasses in cooling system or trapped leaves?


New member
I've got a weird one......recently bought 2007 Grand Prix w/ 190K from sister-in-law. She mentioned that it she has to put coolant in it and that the last mechanic indicated the car had a cracked manifold. I do not see any leakage on the driveway so, I suspect a leaking head gasket.
The odd thing is, I seem to hear a rustling leaves sound at various times at low speed. It also seems to sound like water.
With a leaking head gasket, I thought maybe gases were being forced into the cooling system and into the heater core.
My sister-in-law also has large pin oak trees in her front yard. I had to replace the cabin air filter and many of the pin oak leaves made their way past the filter and into the blower fan cage. I removed the blower and shoved the vacuum hose up into the HVAC enclosure but, I still hear the rustling leaves sound after a test drive. If it is leaves, perhaps they made their way to the evap. I can't seem to reach it. I thought about forcing an air hose through one of the vents to blow the leaves back towards the blower. How do you remove the vent grilles?
Any other suggestions?


Staff member
What you do is rent a cooling system pressure tester and you buy a coolant hydrocarbon tester before causing major engine damage if you have a blown head gasket or have a cracked intake manifold.