Possibly picking up a 1981 Grand Lemans


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Hey guys I'm new to the forum and I dont really know too much about Pontiacs.

I've got a guy that wants me to trade his 81 Grand Lemans, for my 1989 Ford f150. I have a bit of an attachment to this truck so I'm a bit nervous about this trade.

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or anything on what to look for when I get there this afternoon.

He says it's a 350 with a th350 trans with a shift kit installed, the car is fairly clean looking in photos, I'm gonna try and crawl under to check the floor and frame. Anything else I should worry about?

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The truck is solid and only needs a windshield, hasn't let me down.


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Could be a Pontiac 350 swapped in because only a Pontiac 265 or 301 and a Buick 231 V6 was available that year.
A Chevy 305 was available only in California cars.( They will reguire a different or multi bolt pattern bellhousing to be swapped in if a Chevy 350 is in the car)

Trans wise only a TH 200 came in these cars in 81 and it is a weak transmission.

Rear end is a weak 7.5 good for daily driving but no good for performance.
Probably a 2.73 or so gear ratio in it.

Looks clean, theres good aftermarket support on GM " GBody" cars out there, but no body panels or interior parts for the Pontiac versions.( Junkyard only)

78 -8? LeMans, Grand Prix ,Grand Am, and Bonneville are the ones that use some of the same body and interior parts but not all years. Be aware of that when buying as not many were made compared to Buick , Oldsmobile and Chevy GBodys.

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the 78-86 GM Mid size cars are known for rust in the frame behind the rear wheels, I would inspect that area closely. Also be aware that 4-door and wagon bodies styles the windows in the rear doors never were designed to roll down. I can't stand that feature, but if it does not bother you they are nice cars.

Only the small windows on the rear portion of the doors (or behind the doors on some models) open, like vent windows on the front doors of older cars. Just FYI