Production numbers and option questions on a 1972 Leman's Sport


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Hello all, new to forum (my second post). I recently inherited a 1972 Lemans and looking for details on my car. Not having much luck looking around on the internet. Would greatly appreciate if anyone has any good links they wanted to share. Trying to find out production numbers and what options may have come on my car. Car needs everything so trying to see how it should be restored.

I know it came from TX, is a Lemans Sport, has the original 400 engine, was an AC car (compressor gone, vents still in dash), convertible, and a great big GTO spoiler on the trunk (the one from the 1970 GTO). It has the standard flat hood and Lemans grill. White vynal bucket seats, door panels are white on the top, black carpet on the bottom. Elbow rest similar to a standard interior 1969 Camaro. Console with shifter on the floor. Their is a cassette radio in the dash (think that is after market) and silver trim around all the wheel wells. Power steering and Power Brakes (not sure if Disks on the front, think they are thou).

Also looking for good suppliers for parts. Car needs a lot, heard some horror stories of crappy Chinese stuff. Anyone with good experience with a certain suppliers would greatly appreciate the heads up.