Pros & Cons of the Pontiac g8?



I am looking to buy a 2009 Pontiac G8 and I wanna know the pros & cons of these cars. So far I've only heard good things about it.


pros...haven't heard many bad things about them yet.........

cons....they are a pontiac......GM just designs stuff stupidly.....just my opinion but i work on vehicles all the time and i usually have to charge extra on GM vehicles......designs that intentionally make the vehicle hard to do repairs or basic maintenance on are stupid in my book....


I have a G8 GXP that I bought back in August and so far I am loving it. It handles well and goes like a raped ape! I don't drive it everyday and have only put 4k miles on it but have had zero problems so far. My only complaints are trivial stuff like the wobbly glove box door and the cheap feel of the parking brake handle. Also, I went with the manual trans and would probably pick the auto if I could do it over again just 'cause I'm lazy and it's not a great trans to teach my kids to drive on.

I'm 6'6'' tall and go about 225 lbs and am usually only comfortable in a p/u truck, but this car has a ton of leg and headroom. My two teenage boys (both over 6') and I drove to SLC, Utah in Sept and we were comfortable on the long haul.

If you can get a GT for a decent price I would go for it, it's a great car with lots of power and a nice sleeper appearance, you can slap a rotofab CAI and a tune on it for cheap and blow the doors of of most everything else on the road.
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The G8 really is an awesome car. I get one answer number one was saying by basic maintenance is a little more involved. It's not that much more involved though. I really enjoyed what guy number two had to say, these cars are spacious and good for a comfy drive. If you've ever sat on your couch wrapped in a big blanket on a cold rainy day with some comfort food watching a feel good movie. That's what this car is like every time you get in it. And it's sexy fast!!!

Really this is a good car to get. Biggest issues with this car is the fuel economy. It's not horrible but it's not the greatest either. If you plan to keep the car for ten years it may start to get difficult to find certain exterior components being that Pontiac is no longer in business. But the mechanical stuff is all GM so that stuff will still be readily available.


Pros....Great looking car that runs like a banshee!

Cons... The V6 base model are known for timing chains. The V8 is known for lifter failure.

Choose your poison and enjoy! I love mine!
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