PT Cruiser or...



...Pontiac Vibe? Hey folks, 43 yr old male confused between which one of these 2 to get, and was hoping for input from owners of both..I know the Vibe gets better gas mileage but PT just seems more sporty...Thanx for the help and God bless, Marty
Forgot to mention; the main reason I picked these 2 is because they still have the cargo room that alot of cars don't, and don't really want to buy a full SUV vehicle because then I'm blowing off the reason I'm thinking of trading the truck (MPG)...Thanx again !!
Also forgot to mention...I already own a 2004 Dakota Quad Cab V8 and love the thing to death...Perfect shape, beautiful color, etc....Just need something that gets better gas mileage and can still haul a few things inthe back....

Brian S

hmmm choosing between Diamler Chrystler and General Motors is not a fun choice to make for me. You asked for opinion, and so i thought I would butt in. If you want something that wont fall apart go for the Japanese vehicle like a toyota.

El Griton

43 year old man deserves something better!
here are some options within the same price range:
1) Solstice
2) Charger
3) Chrysler 300

Notice all these cars are AMERICAN and all are more appropriate for someone who is not a teenager and should drive something other than entry level car.

but if you insist on the 2 you mentioned, go with PT, it has better resale value.

good luck bud

whip it real hard

a pt crusier is a stationwagon body on a neon frame. try the vibe, its alot better then a neon!

Mr. Clean

Get a honda instead, The Vibe is a Toyota Matrix. PT is just plain garbage!!!!!!!!!!!