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Starting issue


New member
I am working our 2001 aztek. We had the typical key issue and I used the manual release to unlock and get the key out. However, I am getting the folling symptoms:

When I put the key in and turn it everything is blank and I get zero response. Battery is good and has full charge. However I noticed when turning the key some of the dash lights come on for a moment then off. If i turn the key back and forth there seems to be a spot where the lights work while turning the key, however when you get to the start and run positions there is nothing. Seems like a back ignition swtich? is there anything on the process for removing and replacing the switch?

I was hoping to get to the switch, check wires etc and make sure everything is connected and clean, then if necessary replace the swtich.

I cannot find anything on the removal/replacement of ignition swtich.

Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.