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What vehiucle was the first mid-engine Indy 500 Pace Car

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Hello Pontiac automobile enthusiasts! I want to try and help in any way possible. Especially if my experience with 6000's might have anything to offer. I was the NVRH vehicle development engineer for the 6000 back in the 80's. Jim Lyons was my boss - far and away the best ever. Also, my job was made much, much easier because Larry Ettinger Tuned the 6000 before me.

That said, I must admit to having a fever for installing an L4 Superduty in a 1986 Formula. As of now, I have a 1996 Impala SS, and I hope I can afford to keep this one and support a potential Superduty Fiero!

My dabblings so far, it seems like finding an 86 Formula doesn't seem to be much of a problem. Finding a built Iron Duke, 2.7l Superduty has not been at all succesful. Lots of parts out there, but at my age (71) I prefer to buy a built engine.

Oh yeah, my claim to Fiero fame: when I was working at the Desert P.G., I was given a ride in the first-ever built prototype for the 1984 Indy 500 Pacecar, on the Circle Track - I was told that my fat arse got up to 140 - too afraid to take my eyes off the road ahead and try to look at the speedo. Then again I was reminded that the driver new vehicle speed by which gear and engine revs - no speedo - a little embarrasing. Anyway, the engineer in charge of developing the Pace Car was also involved in the Duke's Superduty parts availability. Well, and that's what lives in the old noggin and giving me this current project-fever.
"SuperDuty Iron Dukes show up on EBay from time to time, but they don't come on there that often. Try as another source for finding one. Doug in P.R.:)"

Hey "Doug in P.R." thanks for that clue. Tried all kinds of search description for the Iron Duke, but all had zero results. They did show a few cars.

I have stumbled on contact info for 'John Callies, Inc.' John gave birth to the 1984 Indy pacecar, working for Pontiac Engineering at the GM DPG. In order to push the car fast enough, and to keep it 'all pontiac,' he helped develop the SD Iron Duke.

Trying to set up a watch-for in eBay - Thanks again.


Belleville MI
Welcome! and good luck with your search, I am sure you are aware that when you do find a Super Duty Iron Duke Engine it will not be Cheap, I toyed with the idea of putting one in my 77 Astre Formula until I saw the price tag.
There used to be a Race Shop that specialized in them years ago, but I can not seem to find it now.

I did find this ad for one, but I don't know how old the ad is or if it is still available, says it is an unused spare for the 1984 Indy Pace Car. Who knows you may get lucky

Found it on another site with an asking price listed of $5500.00
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Superduty fiero

Thanks so much cammerjeff. I don't know how I missed that one (I was operating under the now proven false assumption that I'm the 'kings--t searcher' of such things.)

Couldn't find a timestamp at the site with the price listed; doesn't mean there isn't one - just didn't.

Last week I tracked down John Callies (the guy who gave me the ride in his engineering development pacecar) and he gave me contact info for a man who John says may have some direction for me - his voice mailbox has been full for about 10 days. ..Out of the Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts club.

$5500 would not be too awful bad, considering what I found for pricing of the spinning and reciprocating parts to build an SD from a base motor. Like $550 for a crankshaft and $hundreds for conn rods, and so on.

Thanks again, all best regards.
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