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The end of my Aztek


New member
Hey everyone, I’m sad to say that my Aztek is dead. It was a fun car to own, and drive for the three weeks I was able to drive it. The people that had this thing before me really did not take good care of it, using stop leak on the radiator, and skimping on repairs. The nail in the coffin is a blown head gasket. I don’t have the tools necessary to fix it, and it’s not all that’s wrong with it, so it’s literally one thing after another. I have to let it go. I have it for sale, I’m in SoCal, the chassis and body is fine no rust or anything, and the motor does still run, no smoke or anything, I just can’t keep pouring money into it.
$900 and the whole lot is yours.


Staff member
How did you determine it has a blown head gasket?
There is a product on the market that supposedly will seal some blown gaskets.
It is added to the engine coolant.