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Tire size?


Staff member
looking at the American Racing wheels web site they show wheels as large as 17x7 for a 64 Catalina. Measure your width clearance in inches and multiply by 25.4 to get a tire cross section such as 245. The original tire I believe has a 28" diameter. (28" - 17")/2=5.5" sidewall height. 5.5"*25.4=139.7mm sidewall height. (139,7/245)*100=57 roughly a 60 series tire. So the tire size if you can fit a 245 is 245/60x17. I know, too much math.

Fred Engelhard

New member
St louis
Thanks there’s nothing wrong with to much math. Unless I am adding it up it’s never right. When you are trying to put the biggest and fattest tire possible. With backspace it makes my math wrong before I start