Transmission Question


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So I am stumped by something on my 1997 Grand Prix. I decided to replace the intake and clean the throttle body. The result was breaking off one of the IAC motor screws. Damn red loctite on them. I finally found a two port throttle body, but almost every single one in the junk yard on a 3800, even in 1997 is a single vacuum port TB. I know that I have the electronic transmission . . . or at least I think . . . but there is an odd solenoid that is mounted on the front of the trans. It has a metal line coming off and to the throttle body. It does not look like the vacuum actuator on the older trans. It doesn't come out 180 degrees from the trans but rather a 90. So based on other newer grand prixs I thought this was part of the evap system. However none of the newer GPs have this on the trans.

Can anyone tell me what the heck this does?