Weird electrical issues Instrument back lights off, door chime rings with no key, radiator fans not coming on.


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I bought this van and it is doing all sorts of wierd things. The worst is the door chimes fast when I open the door and the key is out and headlight off, (soo annoying). The instrument panel back lights don't come on at all, they all went out at the same time. (the tail lights come on when I turn on the headlights.) I did replace the gage stepper motors and one of the lights but The car was over heating too, I think because the radiator fans wont come on, but I haven't been able to spend enough time with it because the dash is so messed up.
surely someone has seen this exact thing. I don't know if it is 2 symptoms of the same problem, or two totally separate problems.


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1. Did you apply power directly to the fan motors to determine if they work?
2. Did you check the fan relay and fan relay socket?
3. I assume you checked for a blown fuse for the fan motors?
4. Have you looked in the owners manual to see under what conditions the chime sounds? If you dont have a copy please provide the year so that I can give you a link.
5. Did you check for a blown fuse for the dash lights and have you checked the dash dimmer control?
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