when did the cigarette lighter size change?

Another Trans Am project for the 1998 in Australia. I am replacing the top half of the centre console unit (the big bit where you put your coffee cup in). However, the factory original console I got has a hole for the cigarette lighter that is bigger than my original cover which came with the 1998. Does anyone know when Pontiac changed the size of the cigarette lighter housing in Trans Ams? I assume it was somewhere in the 1990s either before or after 1998?
Many thanks.....
The hole in the console changed size

The replacement upper part of the centre console that I bought has a hole for the lighter that is bigger than the factory original console in my car. Yet the new purchase says it is an original 1998-2002 part and it certainly looks it in all other ways. So I am thinking they changed lighter size somewhere along the way ...... I have used a bezel to keep my lighter in the new console but one wasn't needed in the original. So I deduced they must have changed lighter size at some year.....
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