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Wipers turn on randomly...


New member
Ok, I have a real head-scratcher. The case of the annoying GM ghost wipers...

I have a 1970 Pontiac Catalina wagon – 400 V8, 3-speed manual. It runs great. Nice car. But there seem to be a few electrical demons.

1. The wipers sometimes come on automatically (even though they will not come on when I flip the switch, because there is no fuse installed in the WIPER slot on the fuse block.

2. The car sometimes will not start. By that, I mean I turn the key and nothing happens. So I put it in neutral and use a screwdriver to bridge the terminals on the starter. The key usually makes the starter work after that.

3. The radio doesn't work. Who knows why, and it's not important, but maybe it is important. Just thought I'd note that.

4. The horn buttons seem corroded. The left one works if you fiddle with it, but not the right.

5. The rear window dash switch (the one that rolls the rear window up and down so you can open the rear hatch) worked when last spring, but doesn't work anymore.

Everthing else – turn signals, lights, HVAC – works. Anyone have any idea why the wipers, even with the fuse removed, would come on like that? The windshield was leaking onto the dash for a couple of months, but I fixed that. Maybe some water damage to the electrical system?



Staff member
1. just to be clear you removed the 2nd fuse from the top on the right hand side of the box?
2. Why do you have to place it in neutral, it wont start in Park with or without the screwdriver? Have you considered you have a bad neutral safety switch?
3. You are sure you pulled the wiper fuse and not the radio fuse?
4. You have to remove the wheel and check the contacts
5. Could be the switch, the motor, or the wiring harness
How many miles on her?
Switches get gummed up / wore out & can gost operate
Remove power to switch..should stop gosting
Has Wile E. Coyote super genius /wire tech installed radio or other "repair"... Possability off it back feeding from incorrect wiring is Slim yep possible

While I have your attention I must inquire of you any knowledge of original starter for 68-70 cat..may hav #s 1108333 or '348 or '392 stamped in case...new chineezed starters just not th same
Any help locatin 1,2 ..pieces parts...would be most excellent & greatly appreciated