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wiring issue


New member
MY 2001 astek started acting up when I put the key in and start it the car beeps and the only way to shut it off is either put it in gear,turn the fan on also when I use the right turn signal the bright light comes on. There is a short somewhere just wondering if anyone else ever had a wiring problem and what was the fix. It has a brand new battery juat put in and also need to find a manual if anyone has any ideas where I can find onw. Thank you for any help and advice


Staff member
It's a little hard understanding your first sentence. I believe you are stating when the car is turned on there is a warning beep which stops when you put the car in gear but then you run on into something about the fan and the lights.
It sounds like the light problem is a bad switch.
Is there a warning light on when you hear the beep?