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  • 92 Sunbird LE
    Those are " lunchbox" lockers like the original Powertrax 4x4 brand, right? ( Little springs and pins ) Doug in P.R. 😎
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  • melsg5
    Did you buy the LSD directly from Intense or did a prior owner tell you the LSD was from Intense?
  • 92 Sunbird LE
    😎 Got his idea from this build : LQ1 from a1995 Monte Carlo.... Ported/polished combustion chambers; good bolts in bottom end...
  • 92 Sunbird LE
    Guy had a built one (LQ1) for sale a while ago, lists what he had done and had in it, 200hp to the wheels.( Non Turbo) Link...
  • G
    G-663064 replied to the thread 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP.
    If there’s a dtc stored in the computer it will disable the remote start scan the vehicle make sure it’s not throwing any codes if so...
  • melsg5
    melsg5 replied to the thread ID THIS?.
    Another great rebuilder is Lars Grimsrud at v8fastcars@msn.com . Former GM employee, is the goto guy on the Corvette forums. Google his...
  • melsg5
    melsg5 replied to the thread Pontiac 400 valve adjustment.
    Not sure I'm clear on that with regard to a Pontiac, would work for a Chevy. The stock Pontiac nut bottoms out on the bottleneck portion...
  • cammerjeff
    Just FYI that Cross member is not original to your car, Pontiac A-bodies of the 60's did not bolt the trans cross member to the frame...
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  • cammerjeff
    cammerjeff replied to the thread Usual suspect.
    My guess is the floor mounted dimmer switch, mounted just where it needs to be to collect road salt, dirt and water.
  • 92 Sunbird LE
    Easy Jeff , not close enough! (y) only lost power for 17 hours.( Closest damage was 45 minutes west) Doug in P.R.:cool:
  • cammerjeff
    cammerjeff replied to the thread ID THIS?.
    Cliff Ruggles in Mt Vernon Ohio is my go to Guy for rebuilding Pontiac Q-jet Carbs here is a link to his website...
  • cammerjeff
    cammerjeff replied to the thread Pontiac 400 valve adjustment.
    They say it does not matter if the valves are open or not, but I always torque them with the valves closed. That way I can check to see...
  • cammerjeff
    You beat me to it Doug! (as Usual) How did you and yours survive the earthquake?
  • jbclutch
    jbclutch reacted to melsg5's post in the thread OIL PAN REMOVE ? with Like Like.
    There are videos on YouTube where they raised the engine after disconnecting motor mounts.
  • 92 Sunbird LE
    https://www.tractionconcepts.com/Grand-Prix-gt-gtp-fits-4T65-E-HD-Diff-LSD-Kit-p/tcxptcus7.htm Doug in P.R. 😎