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    1984 Indy Pontiac Fiero Troubles

    Hey everyone, I've had my 1984 Pontiac Fiero for about 8 months now. Around a month ago I had to take it to the mechanic to get the fuel pump switched out and the gas tank replaced. I've now begun experiencing issues that resemble low oil levels but the dip stick indicates otherwise. The...
  2. theking11863


    Hi everyone! I'm a new and proud owner of a 1984 Pontiac Firebird. I got it a few days ago after my first car, a 1990 Toyota 4Runner, blew a head gasket on my way to my college in Phoenix Arizona. After some research I decided it was smarter to buy another car and fix up the 4Runner later. After...
  3. T

    1984 Fiero won't start

    My 1984 Fiero won't start unless I pour gas into the throttle body. Once in a while it will start without doing this, but most of the time I need to. The few times it starts without pouring gas into it, I can hear the fuel pump turn on for a few seconds. Once it has started, it runs fine and I...