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1970 Pontiac Catalina Carburator! Need Advice


New member
... Man these quadrajets carbs are expensive, I found a guy that would give me an exact one brand new for a little over $1,200. ...
Wow that's high!
Whats high?
$1,200 does sound really steep for a carburetor!

Personally, I would have loved to see you do the rebuild yourself. It's great experience and with all the YouTube videos available on how to, it's not that hard. I would have loved to have that resource back when I was rebuilding mine! But I understand, with all the 'little chores' your wife has on your list, you can definitely use the break!

I hope you are extremely pleased with how it runs when you get it back. Let us know!

Big Kat

New member
San Jose Ca
Thanks Kevlar, I am very mechanaically inclined, but you know I was afraid not to be able to tune the inside injectors correctly. I tried finind a brand new one and the cheapest one I found was for a little over 1,200. Not many manufactures have new ones.

Too Fast

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Speedway IN
You really don't want a new carb. Best thing is to rebuild the OE. That being said, $1200 is really high, what exactly are you getting done? I have limited experience on Q-jet rebuilds, but had a friend help me thru it and I have about $200 in the carb and rebuild. Works perfectly for my application, but it is not a period correct Q-jet for my '68 Le Mans. It is a 1978 version, with all the (great) updates GM did thru the years like the APT.