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92 Sunbird LE

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Salinas, Puerto Rico
The rest of 2020 and early 2021 Update:

Still have the car and maybe use it twice a week now that I finally retired from the farm in August, stayed on 2 more months to help the boss in the recycling untill he found someone. So now I'm going on my real 3rd month of completely retired life.

Just been touching up the paint on the old Bird, really busy full steam on finishing the house now.

The only two things that have happened to the Bird was I hit a big pothole and dented the rim on the passenger front and popped out the windshield on that side also. Was able to goop it back in but it's cracked on the far lower side. Doesn't block my vision being that low.
Was able to hammer the rim lip back too so that is fine.

The last day on the farm , I took one last ride around and blew a front brake hose. Fixed that fast but had air in the system that I couldn't get rid of, ended up bleeding the lines about 5 times after 2 months and replacing the disc pads since they were about 80% worn anyways and finally got my pedal back! This was the first year for ABS on the JBody cars and it isn't a great system.

Was going to convert it over to non ABS but I 'll just wait for a guy that is selling parts off his car when his carpel tunnel is healed. He is selling me the rear springs and shocks also.

Not sure how much longer after July I"ll be keeping this car, as my wife's SSI kicks in and we will get something newer for her since it's in her name and she never liked it. I love the old car so we may keep it hanging around for a while after that.

That's all for now, it's been 8 years we've had it , and it's the only car we bought here.

Doug in P.R. :cool: